PPA, the base polymer of AR-P 8100 (Phoenix 81)

High-contrast, thermal pattern-able resist for integrated circuit and holographic structure

Preparation and use of PPA solutions: PPA 溶液配製

  1. To prepare the PPA solutions, the weighed quantity of PPA is given into a suitable vial before the calculated amount of anisole is added. The mixture is stirred or shaken at room temperature until after about 10 minutes a clear, homogeneous solution results.

  2. The PPA solution is transferred into a syringe of appropriate size and filtered using a 0.2 μm syringe filter into a dry and clean bottle.

Formulation example for 2.5 % solution: 2.5% 配方

2.5 g PPA + 97.5 g anisole = 100.0 g of 2.5 % 0.2 μm filtrated polymer solution. This corresponds to AR-P 8100.03 with respect to the properties. Please note: 2.5 % is rounded up to 3 % in the product designation.

Storage: 儲存條件

PPA solutions are only stable at low temperatures; we thus recommend storage at -18 °C. In this case, solutions are stable for at least 6 months. Prior to use, solution should be warmed to room temperature to avoid condensation of moisture. Short-term use of PPA solutions at room temperature (up to 3 hours) will still ensure the high product quality.