PPA, the base polymer of AR-P 8100 (Phoenix 81)

High-contrast, thermal pattern-able resist for integrated circuit and holographic structure

Anionically polymerized poly(phalaldehyde) (PPA), the base polymer for the thermo-structurable resist Phoenix 81, is a white powder which is storage-stable for at least 4 weeks at room temperature. PPA can thus be shipped with standard shipping and does not require the highly cost-intensive refrigerated transport of PPA solutions.

When stored in a refrigerator (8 - 12 °C), the PPA polymer is stable for at least 6 months. For long-term-storage, we recommend temperatures of -18 °C since this ensures that PPA remains stable for at least one year.

The polymer PPA dissolves easily in anisole. By varying the polymer concentration, solutions can be produced fle- xibly to realize different film thicknesses values. The film thicknesses can furthermore be varied by changing the spin speeds. This is exemplarily shown for AR-P 8100.03 (solids content: 2.5 %) and AR-P 8100.06 (solids content: 5.5%) in the table “Properties I“.

The following graph shows the relationship between polymer concentration and resulting film thickness.