AR-P 8100 (Phoenix 81) thermal pattern-able positive resist

High-contrast, thermal pattern-able resist for integrated circuit and holographic structure

Structuring with laser (pulse)

PPA layers can also be structured by laser ablation. Substrates coated with AR-P 8100 were patterned at the IOM Leipzig with pulsed laser light at different wavelengths. This enabled the realisation of architectures with very low edge roughness. In the absorption range of PPA (at 248 nm), complete ablation was achieved without damage of the silicon substrate.

Even though PPA shows only a very low absorption at a wavelength of 355 nm, a selective ablation with comparatively high sensitivity is nevertheless possible. The structu- res realised here are again characterised by very smooth edges.

0.1 J/cm2, 355 nm ps-laser, single-pulse exposure, 700 nm PPA on Si-wafer

The laser beam can also be used to generate 3D structures. Interference projection through a phase mask allows the production of lattice structures with sinusoidal shape and very low surface roughness.