Protective Coatings AR-PC 500series

adhesion-enhanced KOH-resistant resists for deep trench application

This diagram shows exemplary process steps for AR-PC 500series resists. All specifications are guideline values which must be adapted to own specific conditions. For further information on processing, 👉“ Detailed instructions for optimum processing of photoresists”. For recommendations on wastewater treatment and general safety instructions, 👉”General product information on Allresist photoresists”.

圖示AR-PC 500系列產品製程參數的範例. 所有參數為參考值,使用者應依設備環境實際狀況加以調整

Processing instructions

Pre-treatment prior to coating:

The protective effect during etching can be extended to up to 8 hours if the surface is pre-treated with adhesion promoter AR 300-80. The coating is preferably performed at 4000 rpm. After tempering at 180 °C for 2 min (hot plate), a uniform, 15 nm thin layer of adhesion promoter is formed (-> Product information AR 300-80).


以AR 300-80增黏處理可使保護塗層於蝕刻時保護性增至8小時. 增黏塗層建議以4000轉塗佈再以180℃在熱盤軟烤2分鐘,可獲得15nm均勻的增黏塗層. (細節請參考AR 300-80產品資訊)


A rotational speed of 1000 rpm is recommended for protective coatings, since at a film thickness of 2 - 5 μm wafer edges are best protected due to a certain “edge wrapping” of the resist. At higher spin speeds or if 6-inch wafers and above are used, the relatively high amount of resist which is deposited on the wafer may cause the so-called candy-floss effect. Low spin speeds, local exhaustion or removal of the “candy floss” with a glass rod during coating reduces these highly disturbing effects.


建議的轉速為1000轉. 此轉數下,膜厚約2 - 5um, 晶元邊緣亦可形成包覆. 在較高轉速的塗佈,或晶元大於6寸時, 保護膠需滴定較大數量, 此時容易形成”糖絲效應”. 降低轉速, 排氣,或以玻璃棒移除絲狀物以減少其影響.


To obtain a particularly high protective effect for the fabrication of hard-baked films, tempering temperatures of 190 °C are recommended.


建議以 190℃ 高溫軟烤以獲得有效的保護塗層.

Etch process:

The protective coating is even after hours not attacked by 40 % KOH. Possibly occurring problems only derive from insufficient adhesive strength and can be significantly reduced with a pre-treatment with AR 300-80.


保護塗層可耐40%氫氧化鉀幾小時的攻擊. 通常是由介面黏著度不夠而導致問題. 使用AR 300-80增黏劑可有效解決此問題.