AR 300-40 series metal-ion free Developer for AR resists

For the development of photoresists and novolac-based e-beam resist films

AR 300-44 product brief 產品說明

AR 300-40系列顯影劑依濃度不同分為

AR 300-44 / AR 300-46 / AR 300-47 / AR 300-475


1 L /瓶

2.5 L/瓶


出貨: ☑️ 2 - 4 週. 徳國運出

🔲 1 週. 國內庫存

Characterization 產品特性

  • metal ion-free aqueous-alkaline solutions for the processing of photo/ e-beam resists.


  • reduce the risk of metal ion contamination at the substrate surface


  • residue-free development


  • metal ion content < 0.1 ppm


  • main component TMAH


Information on developer processing (→ see also information on developers AR 300-26 and 300-35)

If metal ion-free developers are diluted, it is recommended to adjust the desired normality immediately prior to use by very careful dilution (with scales) of the stronger developer with DI water. Even small differences in normality may cause larger differences in the development rate. Developers should be used as fast as possible, since otherwise developer efficacy may be reduced.


使用前進行稀釋, 並儘速使用. 未即時使用,可能影響顯影效果.

以較高濃度當量顯影液,用DI water稀釋.

濃度當量計算必須精確, 些微差距可能造成不同的顯影效率.