Adhesion Promoter for AR Resist

For the improvement of adhesive strength on photo and e-beam resists

HMDS Product Brief 產品說明


AR 300-80 new / HMDS


2.5 L /瓶


出貨: ☑️ 2 - 4 週. 徳國運出

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Characterization 產品特性

  • improvement of the adhesive strength of photo and e-beam resist films


  • especially for surfaces with low adhesion properties, e.g., metal, SiO2, GaAs

特別是低黏著度的材料,例如: 金屬, 二氧化矽, 砷化鎵等材料.

  • HMDS: evaporation of HMDS on the substrate surface (equipment required)


Processing information HMDS

Appropriate equipment is required for the processing of HMDS. For large scale production, hot plates with HMDS vapor deposition are used. If no such equipment is available, the following procedure should be applied:

The pre-treatment should be performed immediately prior to resist coating. Generally, hot plates with integrated HMDS-evaporation are used in the production. If this option is not available, the substrate is placed in a desiccator where HMDS evaporates at room temperature or at temperatures up to 160 °C max. HMDS is under these conditions deposited as monomolecular layer (approx. 5 nm) on the substrate surface.

The treated substrate can be coated with resist immediately after HMDS-deposition without subsequent tempering, or stored in a closed container for a couple of days.

The storage stability may be limited due to an uptake of water from the atmosphere. Storage in open containers should thus be avoided.

HMDS使用上需要適合的設備. 量產型的會以配備加熱板的蒸鍍設備為主. 如果無此類設備,可依下述方法取代: 將基板置於乾燥器內, HMDS在乾燥器內以室溫或低於160℃的溫度蒸發沈積於基板表面形成大約5nm厚的單分子層.

HMDS沈積後的基板可立即進行阻劑塗布,不需烘烤. 或者可置於密閉容器數天後再進行阻劑塗布. 由於容易自大氣環境中吸收濕氣, 因此蒸度後的基板容易受影響. 需避免儲放於開放的容器.