Medusa 82 silsesquioxane based e-Beam Resist

High-resolution, etch-stable, negative tone, HSQ compatible resist

Processing instructions

The sensitivity changes in dependence on the acceleration voltage. While 1300 μC/cm2 is sufficient at 30 kV, this value increases to 4000 μC/cm2 at 100 kV. Figure 1 shows the corresponding dose scale (90 s AR 300-44, 23 °C). Recommended are development times of 60-90 s.

Medusa 82的敏感度會隨著使用的加速電壓改變. 加速電壓在30kV時只需約1,300 uC/㎠的劑量; 在100kV時則需增加到4,000 uC/㎠. 左下圖1為不同曝光劑量下顯影的結果(顯影劑AR 300-44, 23℃, 顯影時間 60-90 sec)

Also, AR 300-46, AR 300-47 and AR 300-73 can be used for development, but the different developer concentrations affect the required development time and the dose. AR 300-44 results in a contrast of 4.7 at a required dose of 690 μC/cm2, while AR 300-73 results in a contrast of 4.6 at a required dose of 785 μC/cm2 under otherwise equal condition

顯影劑AR 300-46, AR 300-47AR 300-73皆適用,但濃度不同,所需顯影時間及曝光劑量也隨著改變. 下圖2顯示,以AR 300-44顯影,在曝光劑量690uC/㎠時,對比度達4.7. 在其它參數一樣下,以AR 300-73顯影,要達4.6對比度則需785 uC/㎠的曝光劑量

To increase sensitivity, a post exposure bake may be required after irradiation, which increases the sensitivity the increases by a factor of 8 at 100 kV and even by a factor of 20 at 30 kV. In addition, also the contrast is increased.

增加曝後烤步驟可增加Medusa 82的敏感度. 在100kV加速電壓,曝光後加以曝後烤可使敏感度增約8倍; 在30kV則增加約20倍. 下圖3為不同曝後烤條件下敏感度的變化.