Medusa 82 silsesquioxane based e-Beam Resist

High-resolution, etch-stable, negative tone, HSQ compatible resist

Process conditions

This diagram shows exemplary process steps for resists of SX AR-N 8200 series. All specifications are guideline values which must be adapted to own specific conditions. For further information on processing, 👉 “Detailed instructions for optimum processing of e-beam resists”. For recommendations on wastewater treatment and general safety instructions, 👉 ”General product information on Allresist e-beam resists”.

圖示 SX AR-N 8200 series 阻劑產品製程參數的範例. 所有參數為參考值,使用者應依設備環境實際狀況加以調整

Note on stability:

Liquid Medusa resists are stable for up to 6 months if kept refrigerated at least 8 - 12 °C. Coated substrates can be stored under normal conditions and processed without any loss of sensitivity or resolution even after several weeks. Current studies show that irradiated substrates can be processed even after 21 days without significant loss of sensitivity.


Medusa 82阻劑保存在8-12℃環境下,有效期限為6個月. 阻劑已塗佈在基板上,在正常情況下仍可維持其敏感度或解析度至數週. 目前研究顯示,已曝光的基板在21天後顯影,其敏感度幾乎不變.