Positive E-Beam Resist AR-P 6200series (CSAR 62)

High resolution high contrast EBL resists for integrated circuit & masks

Process Instruction


For the development of exposed resist films, developers AR 600-546, 600-548 and 600-549 are recommended. As weaker developer, AR 600-546 provides a wider process window. If the stronger developer AR 600-548 is used, the sensitivity can be increased 6-fold to < 10 μC/cm2. The intermediate developer AR 600-549 renders the CSAR 62 twice as sensitive as compared to AR 600-546, it shows also no dark erosion and has a contrast of 4.

For immersion development, generally development times of 30 - 60 seconds are recommended. If developer AR 600-546 is used, even after 10 minutes at room temperature no erosion of unexposed areas is detected.

Developer AR 600-548 in contrast attacks resist surfaces already after two minutes visibly. If, however the development process is carried out at temperatures of approx. 0 °C, no dark erosion is observed even after 5 minutes (which is however associated with a reduction of sensitivity).

The development procedure should be stopped quickly. For this purpose, the substrate is moved for 30 seconds in stopper AR 600-60. Optionally, the substrate may there after be rinsed for 30 seconds with DI water to remove all residual solvent.

Note: Please take into account that rigid rinsing procedures may lead to a collapse of smaller structures (👉 see image below).

A post-bake for special working steps at max. 130 °C results in a slightly improved etching stability during wet- chemical and plasma-chemical processes.

曝光後的顯影,建議的顯影劑為AR 600-546, AR 600-548及AR 600-549. AR 600-546為較弱顯影劑,製程穩定. 使用較強顯影劑AR 600-548,可提高敏感度至6倍(<10uC/cm2). 強度介於中間的AR 600-549,相較於AR 600-549,敏感度提高約2倍,且無顯影損失及對比為4.

浸泡式顯影通常需時30-60 sec. 使用AR 600-546在室溫下浸泡10分鐘在為曝光區域也不會有顯影損失.

強顯影劑AR 600-548則在2分鐘後就可觀察到阻劑表面受到侵蝕. 然而,在0℃低溫下顯影5分鐘後也無顯影損失現象. 但低溫下顯影,敏感度會降低.

顯影完成後需儘速停止顯影反應. 可以AR 600-60浸泡30sec抑制顯影反應,隨後再以純水洗去殘留溶劑 (30sec).

附註: 請小心潤洗程序, 可能造程細小結構的坍塌. (👉如下圖)