Positive E-Beam Resist AR-P 6200series (CSAR 62)

High resolution high contrast EBL resists for integrated circuit & masks

Application examples for CSAR 62

CSAR 62 nano-structures written with 100 kV:

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the suitability of CSAR 62 for the fabrication of complex architectures was investigated in detail. CSAR 62 layers were irradiated with e-beam writer EBPG5200Z at 100 kV and developed with developer AR 600-546. The results are shown in the figures below.

Karlsruhe理工學院詳細研究CSAR 62在複雜結構的適用性. 下圖為100kV加速電壓(EBPG5200Z)AR 600-546顯影結果.

A particular challenge is the writing and development of nano-sized hole structures. Using CSAR 62, a diameter of remarkable 67 nm could be realized, whereby the sophisticated structural element shows a very regular pattern.

比較困難的是形成孔眼圖案,右上圖是以CSAR 62寫出直徑67nm的圓孔.