Positive E-Beam Resist AR-P 6200series (CSAR 62)

High resolution high contrast EBL resists for integrated circuit & masks

Application examples for CSAR 62

CSAR 62 – High-precision square structures:

A similar objective was pursued by this working group with respect to the fabrication of square structures. The aim was again to obtain corners with particularly high resolution. For this purpose, a CSAR 62 film with a thickness of 100 nm was irradiated with 50 kV and developed with developer AR 600-546. In addition to the excellent properties of CSAR 62, also the irradiation design is of vital importance (see Fig.13, centre: A; right: B).

應用光子實驗室(位於JenaFriedrich Schiller大學)另有一類似實驗需方形圖案. 目標一樣要獲得高解析度的方形轉角結構. CSAR 62在膜厚100nm,50kV加速電壓曝光,再以AR 600-546顯影. 如圖13所示, 除了阻劑特性外,曝光程序一樣重要.