Positive E-Beam Resist AR-P 6200series (CSAR 62)

High resolution high contrast EBL resists for integrated circuit & masks

Fluorescent films with CSAR 62 and PMMA

Fluorescent dyes can be embedded into positive-tone e- beam resists like CSAR 62 and PMMA. For this purpose, both PMMA and CSAR 62 polymers were prepared in a solvent mixture which also dissolves the fluorescent dyes to a sufficient extent. The use of different fluorescent dyes allows a defined adjustable emission in various wavelength ranges. These dyes are highly process-stable, and structuring is performed in the same manner as in corresponding standard processes with uncolored e-beam resists. By embedding dyes into CSAR 62, resist films could be generated which optionally show violet, blue, yellow, orange or red fluorescence. The intense fluorescence is retained even after tempering at 180 °C.

電子束微影阻劑例如CSAR 62PMMA可參雜螢光染料. 配製方法是於含有足量染料溶劑混液中加入PMMACSAR 62高分子. 使用不同螢光染料可調整其發光波長範圍. 添加染料為穩定的製程,加入染料的阻劑可維持原來的製程參數. 發光顏色包括紫色,藍色,黃色,橘色及紅色等螢光. 阻劑經烘烤達180℃,螢光強度可維持.

Fluorescent PMMA architectures were produced by Precision Optics Gera GmbH via electron beam lithography. These structures could be developed residue-free using an optimized developer. If these resist structures are excited with UV light (as shown in the two pictures), they begin to glow intensely.

德國光學公司(Precision Optics Gera GmbH)使用電子束微影技術生產元件. 使用適合的顯影液可顯影完全,不殘留. 如下圖所示,含螢光染料的阻劑結構.

Due to the properties of these e-beam resists, resolutions up to the 10 - 20 nm range are possible. The main field of this application is in optical industry; these materials are e.g., required for night vision devices. Fluorescent resist films are furthermore used for applications in microscopy.

電子束微影阻劑的解析度可達10-20nm, 這方面的應用主要在光學工業,例如夜視元件. 另外也可於顯微鏡方面的應用.