Positive E-Beam Resist AR-P 6200series (CSAR 62)

High resolution high contrast EBL resists for integrated circuit & masks

Application examples for CSAR 62

High-precision lift-off structures with the two-layer system CSAR 62/AR-P 617:

The task in the IAP of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena was to produce very small, high-precision rectangular structures. For this purpose, a two-layer system composed of AR-P 6200.09 as top layer and AR-P 617.06 as bottom layer was established. After exposure with e-beam writer Vistec SB 350OS, CSAR 62 was patterned with developer AR 600-546. The bottom layer was subsequently developed with developer AR 600-55, followed by coating with gold. The lift-off was performed with a mixture of acetone and isopropanole. The resulting structures are shown in Fig. 12. The structure sizes are 38 nm with structure intervals of approximately 40 nm. In particular to be regarded positively are the small radii of curvature at the corner of the inside of the „L“.

應用光子實驗室(位於JenaFriedrich Schiller大學)有一實驗需非常高精密小尺寸的長方形結構. 採用由AR 6200.09(頂層)及AR 617.06(底層)的雙層阻劑. 以電子束設備 (Vistec SB 350OS)曝光. 再以AR 600-546顯影頂層AR 6200.09, 隨後以AR 600-55顯影底層AR-P 617.06. 完成再沈積金層. 以丙酮及異丙醇混合液進行懸浮剝離. 結果如下圖12所示. 金屬結構寬約38nm, 結構間距約40nm. 特別一題的是L形可形成接近直角的結構.