AR-P 617 Positive eBeam Lithography Resist

Resists for nanometer lithography, highest resolution, Copolymer 33% MA

Planarization with AR-P 617

Due to the excellent coating properties is it possible to level out topologies which are present on the wafer before development. In this example, 200 nm high oxide structures were coated with AR-P 617.08. The film thickness was 780 nm. After exposure (20 kV) and development (AR 600-50, 2 min), the structured wafer is covered with entirely planar resist lines.

AR-P 617系列有良好的塗佈特性,對基板已有的高低結構不影響其平坦化效果.

左圖範例為200nm高的氧化矽上塗佈780nm厚的AR-P 617.08.

20kV電子束曝光, 顯影(AR 600-50, 2 min).