AR-N 7720 series Negative e-Beam Resist (CAR type)

High-resolution resist with flat gradation for semiconductor process

Three-dimensional, “analogous” structures

For most applications, a high contrast is desired to obtain a high resolution. For the production of holograms, diffractive optics or curved surfaces however, in particular resists with low contrast are predestined. Resist AR-N 7720 was specifically designed for these applications. The active components acid generator and cross-linking agent were both substantially reduced as compared to “digital” resists, which results in lower cross-linking efficiency. With increasing exposure dose, consequently a defined increase of the film thickness is obtained (see diagram below).

大部份阻劑的應用都需要高對比以獲得高解析度. 但全像攝影及繞射光學的應用則需要低對比的阻劑. AR-N 7720是設計做為這方面的應用. 其配方的光酸產生劑及架橋劑等作用成份與其它阻劑相比,含量減少狠多,因此架橋的效率低. 曝光劑量需隨膜厚增加, 如左下圖.