AR-N 7520series Negative Electron Beam Resist

High-resolution EBL resists for mix & match in semiconductor process

Process conditions

This diagram shows exemplary process steps for resists of AR-N 7520series. All specifications are guideline values which must be adapted to own specific conditions. For further information on processing, 👉“Detailed instructions for optimum processing of e-beam resists”. For recommendations on wastewater treatment and general safety instructions, 👉 ”General product information on Allresist e-beam resists”.

圖示AR-N 7520series 阻劑產品製程參數的範例. 所有參數為參考值,使用者應依設備環境實際狀況加以調整

Processing instructions

These resists are predestined for e-beam exposure, but also suitable for UV exposure. Mix & match processes are possible if both exposure methods are carefully coordinated. During e-beam exposure, the resist works in a negative mode.

(For details on Mix & Match, see AR-N 7520 new).

Due to their composition, resists AR-N 7520 are approximately 8 x more insensitive than resists of the series AR-N 7520 new. The required higher dose predestines these resists for the production of very precise structural edges, since due to the high electron density edges are perfectly reproduced. For the very high imaging quality however, longer writing times have to be accepted.

The developer dilution should be adjusted with DI water such that the development time is in a range between 20 s and 120 s. By dilution of the developer, contrast and development rate can be influenced to a large degree. A stronger dilution results in an increased contrast and a reduced development rate.

AR-N 7520系列是設計為電子束微影阻劑,但也適合於紫外線曝光. 兩種曝光參數經適當調配,可用於半導體混搭製程(mix & match).阻劑在電子束曝光下為負型模式.

(混搭製程細節,請參考產品AR-N 7520new)

由於配方成份不同,AR-N 7520的敏感度比AR-N 7520new低,差異達8倍. 由於需要的曝光劑量高,此產品適合生產精確的圖案邊緣. 但所需的時間同時也較長.

顯影劑濃度視需要以純水調整,建議的顯影時間為20 – 120 sec.

稀釋顯影劑對對比度及顯影率影響很大. 稀釋過度會降低對比度及顯影速率.