Protective Coating AR-PC 5091.02 (Electra 92)

Conductive protective coating for Novolac-based e-beam resists

Top layer for the dissipation of e-beam charges on insulating substrates

REM dissipation charges

50 nm lines written on glass at a pitch of 150 nm with AR-N 7520.07 and AR-PC 5091.02

在玻璃基板上以AR-N 7520.07及AR-PC 5091.02寫出線寬50nm, 線寬線距150um圖案

Process parameter

Substrate 4" wafer quartz with AR-N 7520.07 new

Coating. 60nm@2000 rpm

Soft bake. 50℃

Process chemicals

Adhesion promoter - -

Developer - -

Thinner - -

Remover. DI water