Protective Coating AR-PC 5091.02 (Electra 92)

Conductive protective coating for Novolac-based e-beam resists

Top layer for the dissipation of e-beam charges on insulating substrates


Resistance measurements of AR-PC 5091.02 layers obtained after spin deposition. For thinner films, the resistance increases and the conductivity decreases.

AR-PC 5091.02的導電阻抗於塗佈後測得. 膜厚越低,其導電阻抗增加而導電度下降. 如下圖.

Note: Novolac-based e-beam resists possess other surface properties than CSAR 62 or PMMA. AR-PC 5091 was thus developed with a different solvent mixture. In all other respects however, the polymer composition of AR-PC 5090 and AR-PC 5091 is identical so that both resists are referred to as “Electra 92“.

附註: 酚醛系EBL阻劑的表面物性有別於CSAR 62, PMMA等非酚醛系阻劑. 因此AR-PC 5091.02使用不同比例的混合溶劑. 除此之外, 兩者高分子組成是一樣的,因此實驗名稱皆以”Electra 92”.