Protective Coating AR-PC 5091.02 (Electra 92)

Conductive protective coating for Novolac-based e-beam resists

Top layer for the dissipation of e-beam charges on insulating substrates

Application examples for Novolac & Electra 92 - AR-N 7700 on glass

0 – 150 nm squares (100 nm height) on glass with AR-N 7700.08 and AR-P 5091.02

Novolac-based e-beam resists possess other surface properties than CSAR 62 or PMMA. For this reason, AR-PC 5091.02 was designed with a different solvent composition. E-beam resist AR-N 7700.08 was at first spin coated on glass, dried, coated with Electra 92 and baked at 50 °C. After irradiation, the Electra layer was removed within 1 minute with water and the e-beam resist then developed. The resulting resolution of 60 nm is very high for chemically amplified resists.

相較於CSAR 62或PMMA等EBL 阻劑,酚醛系阻劑有不同的表面特性,因此AR-PC 5091.02使用不同比例的混合溶劑. 上圖實驗程序如下:

  1. 在玻璃上塗佈AR-N 7700.08, 軟烤乾燥.

  2. 塗佈Electra 92並以50℃烘烤.

  3. 電子束曝光後, 去除Electra 92 (DI water x 1 min)

  4. 顯影.