Protective Coating AR-PC 5090.02 (Electra 92)

Conductive protective coating for non-Novolac based e-beam resists

Top layer for the dissipation of e-beam charges on insulating substrates

Conductivity measurements of AR-PC 5090.02 layers obtained after spin deposition. For thinner films, the resistance increases and the conductivity decreases.

AR-PC 5090.02的導電度於塗佈後測得. 膜厚越低,其導電阻抗增加而導電度下降. 如下圖.

After a few hours of air humidity absorption under room conditions, the conductivity decreases again to the initial value. In the high vacuum the conductivity thus increases accordingly. This effect has been demonstrated in direct conductivity measurements under mediate vacuum conditions. Temperatures above 165 °C destroy the polyaniline irreversibly and no conductivity is observed any more.

導電度易受環境影響. 室溫下,經過幾個小時的吸濕,導電度降低至如未有導電塗佈.


溫度超過165℃會破壞聚苯胺, 材料不具導電度.