Protective Coating AR-PC 5090.02 (Electra 92)

Conductive protective coating for non-Novolac based e-beam resists

Top layer for the dissipation of e-beam charges on insulating substrates

Application with different type of resist

CSAR 62 on glass + Electra 92

30 – 150 nm square of CSAR 62 on Glass

The combination of CSAR 62 with AR-PC 5090.02 offers the best possibilities. complicated e-beam structures on glass, quartz or semi-insulating substrates such as e.g. gallium arsenide. The very good sensitivity and highest resolution of the CSAR are harmoniously complemented by the conductivity of the Electra 92

CSAR 62 電子束微影阻劑搭配AR-PC 5090.02導電塗佈, 增加了奈米製程許多可能性. 例如在玻璃基板, 石英基板,或是GaAs等半絕緣的基板上完成電子束微影的結構.

高敏感度與高解析度的EBL阻劑CSAR 62與導電塗佈Electra 92是電子束微影中完美的搭配.

PMMA-lift-off on Glass with Electra 92

200 nm squares produced with 2-layer PMMA lift-off

Initially, the PMMA resist AR-P 669.04 (200 nm thickness) was coated on a quartz substrate and tempered. The second PMMA resist AR-P 679.03 was then applied (150 nm thickness) and tempered, followed by coating with Electra 92. After exposure, Electra 92 was removed with water, the PMMA structures were developed (AR 600-56) and the substrate vaporised with titanium/gold. After a liftoff with acetone, the desired squares remained on the glass with high precision.

在石英基板上做 PMMA lift-off 製程, 程序如下:

  • 塗佈AR-P 669.04 (200nm厚) 並軟烤

  • 塗佈AR-P 679.03 (150nm厚) 並軟烤

  • Electra 92導電塗佈

  • 電子束曝光,並將Electra 92以DI water去除

  • AR 600-56顯影, 完成PMMA結構並進行鈦Ti/金Au蒸鍍

  • 以丙酮進行lift-off結構去除, 在石英基板上留下設計的精密結構