waste & safety instruction

Wastewater treatment

Up to 90 % of the organic material can be removed from developer wastes if the pH of used aqueous alkaline developer and remover solutions is adjusted to pH 9 to 10 by addition of acids, followed by subsequent separation of the precipitate.

Prior to waste disposal, filtered solutions have to be adjusted to pH 6.5 – 8.0. Solid wastes may be disposed of at sanitary landfills or by incineration in officially authorized plants. Collected resist and solvent wastes have to be disposed of in approved incinerators.

Safety instructions

Resists, thinner and remover contain organic solvents. Adequate ventilation in the working area is thus mandatory. Developer solutions are caustic alkaline liquids which may irritate the skin. Avoid direct contact with products and their vapours (wear safety goggles and gloves).

EG-safety data sheets of our products may be downloaded from www.allresist.de/products or be requested at info@allresist.de.