6. special resist

Special Photoresist

Allresist also produces a wide range of special resists, e.g. electroplating-stable resists like SX AR-P 5900/4 for applications performed at a pH-value of 13.

For hydrofluoric acid etchings and BOE-processes (up to 5 % HF), the 5 μm-resist AR-P 5910 (formerly X AR-P 3100/10) offers considerably better adhesion properties than all other photoresists.

For a patterning of glass/SiO2 substrates in concentrated HF, the positive-tone two-component system SX ARPC 5000/40 – AR-P 3540 T or the negative-tone two component system SX AR-PC 5000/40 –AR-N 4400-10 is recommended. The upper photoresist layer is initially developed under aqueous-alkaline conditions before the lower SX AR-PC 5000/40 film is developed with solvents.

AR products are available both for the deep UV range of 240 – 300 nm (AR-N 4200, 4300) as well as for the long-wavelength range up to 500 nm (SX AR-P 3500/6).

Temperature-stable resists up to 400 °C are the polyimide resists SX AR-PC 5000/80 and SX AR-P 5000/82.