Adhesion promoter


    • 改善光阻,電子束微影阻劑的接著性
    • 對低接著性的表面效果良好,例如金屬, 二氧化矽, 砷化鎵...等
    • AR 300-80是二苯矽烷二醇(diphenylsilanediol)溶液, 可採用旋轉塗佈法, 相較於HDMS,製程簡易,成本較低
    • HMDS (六甲基二矽氮烷)需採蒸鍍法, 需蒸鍍設備

Adhesion promoter


    • improvement of the adhesive strength of photo and e-beam resist films.
    • especially for surfaces with low adhesion properties, e.g. metal, SiO2, GaAs
    • AR 300-80: spin coating of a diphenylsilanediol solution = improved adhesion properties and simple, cheaper alternative to HDMS
    • HMDS: evaporation of HMDS on the substrate surface (equipment required)