lithography process chemicals

The Allresist GmbH offers a wide range of resists and process chemicals for all standard applications of photo and e-beam lithography which are required for the fabrication of electronic components.

As independent resist manufacturer, Allresist GmbH develop, produce and distribute the products worldwide. On the market since 1992, Allresist benefits from a comprehensive know-how gained in 30 years of resist research, and fabricates products with highest quality (ISO 9001).

As chemical company, Allresist GmbH is particularly aware of own obligation to a healthy environment. A responsible and protective resource management and voluntary replacement of environmentally hazardous products is living politics for us. Allresist is environmentally certified (ISO 14001) and environmental partner of the Federal State of Brandenburg.

Product profile ALLRESIST:

Development, production and distribution of photo- & e-beam resists as well

as process chemicals for the manufacturing of electronic components (chips)

Wide range of products - resists for (almost) all standard technologies.

Customised versions of process-specific resists according to our customer´s requests - unique selling proposition.

Development of innovative products for new application and technologies.

Particular focus on industrial reseach, project development in cooperation with research.

Individual, competent product- and technology consulting.

Short delivery times (products in stock are delivered promptly).

Customer-oriented package sizes of 250 ml, test samples of 30 ml.

Customer-specific resists:

ALLRESIST will take your special demands into consideration already during conception and development of new resists.

We can according the offer products modified to your requirements. On demand, products will be adjusted on-sit.

You will find detailed product information together with a collection of resist-Wiki, AR NEWS, FAQ and EU safety data sheets at In addition to our resists, we offer thinner, developer, stopper, remover and adhesion promoter as optimally resist-adapted process chemicals.

Allresist continuously develops new products. Please contact us!


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