Sensitivity & Acceleration Voltage

The diagram above shows a comparison of the sensitivity of AR-P 679.03 in two different developers. Under otherwise identical conditions (30 kV, 165 nm film thickness), the sensitivity is almost twice as high if the standard developer AR 600-55 is used as compared to AR 600-60 (IPA). A development with IPA however results in a considerably higher contrast (10.5 : 6.6). This developer is thus predestined for higher resolutions. Experience furthermore shows that the process window is significantly larger as compared to faster developers. Dose deviations of e.g. 10 % are tolerated without any quality loss.

上圖是AR-P 679.03在2種顯影劑的敏感性比較. 在同樣條件下(30kV,膜厚165nm), 使用標準顯影劑(AR 600-55)相較於AR 600-60 (IPA), 其敏感度高出約2倍. 但IPA顯影劑,其對比明顯提高(10.5:6.6). 此顯影劑可用於需要高解析度的製程. 實驗更顯示相較於反應速度高的顯影劑,有明顯的製程誤差容忍度.

The sensitivity of a PMMA resist (AR-P 671.05) strongly depends on the acceleration voltage. At 100 kV a major part of the energy passes the resist without any interaction and the resist is consequently less sensitive. At 5 kV however, all electrons are absorbed.

PMMA阻劑的敏感性與電子束的加速電壓有密切關係. 以AR-P 617.05為例,在100kV下,能量通過阻劑,沒能產生反應,造成敏感性低. 5kV條件下,電子被吸收.