04. high TH layer & special applications

g. Process Instruction

04. high thickness layer & special applications

High layers for special applications

Films with a thickness of up to 800 nm can be produced With AR-P 6200.13, and even 1.5-μm films are possible with experimental sample SX AR-P 6200/10.

AR-P 6200.13: 100-nm trenches in 830-nm thick layer

AR-P 6200 (CSAR 62) is also applied in various two-layer systems and can be used both as bottom and as top resist.

AR-P 6200.09 as top resist for extreme lift-off applications

Another field of application for AR-P 6200 (CSAR 62) is the production of mask blanks which are coated with our resist and offered by our partners:

At a film thickness of 380 nm, 100-nm lines and spaces can be obtained on a chrome mask with AR-P 6200.13. The sensitivity is 12 μC/cm2 (20 kV, AR 600-548).