03. sensitivity

i. Comparison vs. ZEP 520A

03. sensitivity

Sensitivity (dose to clear)

The diagram (👉Fig. 11) demonstrates a good range for the required dose for both resists. Again however, the CSAR resist-developer systems (with AR 600-549 12 % and AR 600-548 51 %) are more sensitive than the ZEP resist-developer system. All three studies come to the conclusion that AR-P 6200 (CSAR 62) can very well compete with ZEP 520 and partly has even more favourable application parameters which also result from the variety of suitable developers.

Fig. 11 Sensitivity ZEP 520 A, 200 nm, ZED-N50 as well as

AR-P 6200.09, 200 nm, AR 600-548 and 600-549