02. contrast

i. Comparison vs. ZEP 520A

02. contrast


The diagram (Fig. 10) illustrates a comparison of the contrast of both resists: ZEP 520A in the native developer ZED-N50 and CSAR in two native developers, AR 600-546 and 600-549.

Fig. 10 Contrast ZEP 520A, 200 nm, ZED N50 as well as

AR-P 6200.09, 200 nm, AR 600-546 and AR 600-549

While systems ZEP-ZED-N50 and CSAR-AR 600-549 yield almost equally good contrast values, the contrast of CSAR in developer AR 600-546 (which was specifically optimised

for this purpose) is almost doubled. CSAR is thus also predestined for highest resolutions (👉see Fig. 10).