09. developer for T-gate structure

h. Application Examples

09. developer for T-gate structure

Developer for T-gate applications with AR-P 617

X AR 600-50/2 is a new, sensitive and highly selective developer for high-tempered AR-P 617 layers (SB>180 °C). PMMA or CSAR 62 layers are not attacked, which is of

particular importance for multilayer processes e.g. in the manufacture of T-gates.

Fig. 18 AR-P 617, film thickness: ~1 μm,

SB 10 minutes at 200 °C 50kV, dose variations,

dependence of the sensitivity on the development time

with developer X AR 600-50/2 at room temperature,

stopper AR 600-60

The sensitivity can easily be controlled via the duration of the development. At a development time of 60 s, the dose to clear is about 70 μC/cm2, after 3 minutes of development about 40 μC/cm2, after 6 minutes 25 μC/cm2, and after 10 minutes about 20 μC/cm2. The amount of dark erosion is very low, even at longer development times.