08 nano structures written with 100 kV

h. Application Examples

08. nano structures written with 100kV

AR-P 6200 (CSAR 62) – nanostructures written with 100 kV

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the suitability of CSAR 62 for the fabrication of complex architectures was investigated in detail. CSAR 62 layers were irradiated with

e-beam writer EBPG5200Z at 100 kV and developed with developer AR 600-546. The results are shown in the figures below.

Fig. 17 SEM images (gold-sputtered)

CSAR 62 nanostructures, parameters:

film thickness 200 nm, dose 225 μC/cm2, 100 kV

developer AR 600-546, 3 min, stopper AR 600-60

A particular challenge is the writing and development of nano-sized hole structures. Using CSAR 62, a diameter of remarkable 67 nm could be realised, whereby the sophisticated structural element shows a very regular pattern.