03. highest resolution nanolithography

h. Application Examples

03. highest resolution nanolithography

AR-P 6200 (CSAR 62) for highest-resolution lithography

In the work group for nanostructured materials of the MLU Halle, CSAR 62 is mainly used in highest-resolution lithography for the lift-off and as etching mask for dry chemical etching processes. The new resist offers several specific advantages.

It achieves the high resolution of PMMA, but at a much lower dose. Due to the high contrast, vertical resist edges are generated which allow a reliable lift-off even with thinner films and ensure a uniform lift-off up to 20 nm:

Fig. 3 Chrome structures with 20 nm lines after lift-off

The goal in the lift-off of metal structures is however not always to go beyond the limits of resolution. Typical applications for example in the contacting of nanowires rather require dimensions in a range of 30-50 nm, which can also be realised with other resists. The „resolution reserve“ of CSAR 62 however allows for significantly improved structure accuracy and faster design with less iteration:

Fig. 4 Typical structure for contacting nanowires

Large areas aremixed with small details