8. Removal

8. removal - resist stripping


For the removal of all e-beam resist coatings baked at lower temperatures (softbake), polar solvents may be used such as e.g. the recommended thinner AR 300-12 or AR 600-01, 600-07, and 600-09, as well as remover AR 600-70 (acetone-based). AR 600-70 is the most commonly used remover for this purpose.

For a wet-chemical stripping of highly tempered e-beam resist films up to 200 °C, Allresist recommends the organic all-round remover AR 300-76 which can be heated to 80 °C in order to reduce the dissolution time. Also available for this purpose are the organic removers AR 300-70 and AR 300-72, but both contain NEP as main component which was classified as toxic for reproduction. The aqueous-alkaline remover AR 300-73 can be heated to 50 °C and is particularly suitable for novolac-based e-beam resist films which were tempered up to 200 °C. This developer however attacks aluminium surfaces.

For e-beam resist films (except novolac-based layers) that were tempered up to 200 °C, we generally recommend remover AR 600-71 which works already at room temperature highly efficiently. This product is especially intended for customers who use removers with a low flash point.